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Purist Engines

If you are looking for the best of the best in engines, then look no further. Puristmod distributes hand built motors by Eddie Woolsey. Eddie is responsible for some of the highest horsepower and quickest ET VQ powered vehicles in the world. Eddie comes from a NASCAR Cup Car engine building background and built motors for various black shops in North Carolina. When he returned to KY, he was quickly picked up by Injected Performance to build their motors, including the record setting green car. After Injected Performance he continued on to build motors for Dynosty and again is responsible for the many record setting motors that came out of Dynosty including the 6spd VQ world record and multitudes of 800+ whp powered 350z and G35s. 

Powerful VQ motors are not Eddie's only accolade. Being an owner of a beautiful 97 Turbo Supra, he has built countless 2jz powered motors. Including several notable ones including the current Dynosty SC300 drag car, Wade Hill's from T1 Performance Supra and Chris Walton's 1300whp setup.

Need a rowdy 4G63, Eddie was the mastermind behind the 800+ build for for Josh's EVO 8. F20 powered? Eddie was the man behind the 800+ whp monster that is piloted by Tony from Somerset.

Whether you are looking for mild or wild, Eddie is the man for the job.