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JCR Developments Porsche 718 GT4, Spyder, GTS 4.0 Headers

JCR Developments Porsche 718 GT4, Spyder, GTS 4.0 Headers

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The JCR Inconel Race Manifolds are a full direct replacement product for the OEM 718 GT4 and Spyder rear silencer assembly. No fabrication required and no additional parts. Simply remove the factory exhaust manifolds and replace with the JCR Inconel Race Manifolds

Our Inconel Race Manifolds are also supplied with copper fitting hardware to ensure no trouble when its time to return to stock.

Light Weight

Due to the 100% Inconel construction the JCR Inconel Race Manifolds removes an impressive amount of weight from the factory exhaust set up. This truly is a win win modification.

Power Increase

Every component of the JCR Exhaust line is guaranteed to improve HP & TQ with varying results dependant on the combination of parts. Our most extreme free flowing system installed on the 718 GT4 / Spyder / GTS 4.0 will see gains up to +52.40WHP & +47.00WTQ (60.26HP/54.05TQ) along with great improvements in engine response and mid range torque. Deleting the highly restrictive factory cats not only brings a hard edged race car sound but also drastically improves flow resulting in increased HP & TQ

Key Features

  • 100% Inconel Construction
  • Direct Replacement for OEM Manifolds
  • -4.77kg (10.52lbs) Weight Reduction vs OEM
  • Improved Sound Quality
  • +33.42WHP & +29.77WTQ (38.43HP/34.23TQ) vs OEM Exhaust Manifolds

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