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Koyo Aluminum Racing Radiator Blacktop BEAMS to AE86

Koyo Aluminum Racing Radiator Blacktop BEAMS to AE86

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Koyorad is pleased to introduce a new radiator designed to fit the increasingly popular Toyota 3SGE BEAMS engine swap into the 1984-1987 Toyota Corolla AE86 chassis.   Koyorad’s radiator design allows for a simple 3SGE swap with the new tank design, slim 36mm hyper core, 3SGE specific inlet/outlet pipe locations and coolant temperature sensor provision.  It features Koyorad's ultra efficient “VH Series” high density 36mm core.   This thin yet efficient two row core increases coolant volume while also keeping weight and space to a minimum.  To ensure the highest quality product, each Koyorad high performance radiator features precision TIG welding, uniform brazing and triple pressure testing.   All of which have led to Koyorad’s excellent reputation in performance cooling worldwide.



•All-Aluminum TIG welded construction

•Altered inlet and outlet ports for ease of 3SGE BEAMS engine swap

•Integrated M16 sensor port for 3SGE BEAMS engines

•1/8 PT sensor port for use with aftermarket temperature gauges 

•Maintains factory AE86 fan shroud mounting locations

•36mm two row high density Hyper Core

•Triple pressure tested for quality

•Billet filler neck and drain plug



84-87 Toyota Corolla RWD w/ 3SGE BEAMS engine swap

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