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OEM Porsche 718 GT4 Side Scoops (fits all 718 models)

OEM Porsche 718 GT4 Side Scoops (fits all 718 models)

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Add some function and style to your 718 with brand new OEM 718 GT4 Side Scoops with Grills.

From the factory the GT4 logo is embossed into the outer scoop, we offer a fill in service and then offer either trim black (to match the oem black plastic) or gloss black finish as a paint option.

On almost every vehicle, plastic rocker panels are known for being a shade off from the metal fenders surrounding them, if you would like paint match, we recommend visiting a local body shop.

 The adhesive is factory 981 GT4 tape, which for the past 5 years we have not offered for sale because the 981 and 718 GT4 scoop mounting designs are completely different and if you install them properly we have not had a need to use any 3m adhesive due to the revised/improved mounting design.

*** Lead times vary due to Porsche parts availability, while we try to stock a set, these sell out quickly and we often are waiting on restock from Porsche. Once parts are at the body shop, normal lead time is 2-3 weeks to get through the paint schedule ***



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